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Bahamas Country Management

Providing the missing link


All too often Global Brands find they need a more defined hands-on approach to getting their products to where they need to be. Something local agents/distributors have trouble achieving, due to overstretched commitments to other brands in their portfolio, high staff turn-over, lack of real training and poor product knowledge.


With our expert experience of brand expectation and the Bahamas hospitality, tourism and local sector, WSG can provide all the strategic support required to both brand owner and local agent.


Providing all or part of a Country Managers' role

  • On going liaison with brand owner, writing up quarterly/annual reports.

  • Assisting in the recruitment, vetting and training of all new distributor relevant staff

  • Ensure all strategies for the brand(s) are relevant to the Bahamas, adapting them accordingly to maximise sales and distribution

  • Monitoring performance at all levels and scheduling training of staff in hospitality sectors

  • Implementing brand strategies that reflect the brand books

  • Maintain professional relationships with all sectors

  • Manage brand image at all time.

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